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China's Wine List of the Year Awards



The Wine List of the Year Awards are now across greater China!

Today, through China’s Wine List of the Year Awards, many of the world’s and China’s leading experts now come together each year to seek out and recognize and reward greater China’s best wine lists!


Established in 1994 by Tucker Seabrook (established 1838), the Wine List of the Year Awards were introduced to recognise and reward the enormous investment in time, skill and resources that go into developing the best quality wine lists in any specific country. Launched in 2012, the mission of China’s Wine List of the Year Awards is to seek out, assess, recognise and reward the best Wine Lists of greater China’s finest restaurants, hotels, cafes, brasseries and bistros, pubs, wine bars and clubs – large and small, plus Airlines and Cruise Ships.

Now one of the most anticipated events on the Hospitality and Tourism industry’s annual calendar, these prestigious awards have contributed significantly to the lifting of the standard of the nation’s Wine Lists whilst at the same time recognising and rewarding the talents of many of the nation’s best sommeliers. In addition, the Awards have also been influential in raising the public’s interest in fine wine generally, and have improved the consumers appreciation of the participating establishments.


With over 30 different Awards to be won, and Reviews written for every Award and Glass winner, greater China’s best wine lists will be recognised, rewarded and promoted as the standard of excellence that other establishments aspire to. China’s ever-increasing, enthusiastic food and wine public will also be able to use the reviews and results to explore new establishments with confidence.


A panel comprised of some of the world’s most respected International and Chinese experts in Wine, Wine Service, and Wine Commentary are the Judges of China’s Wine Lists. They include Master Sommeliers, including the Founder of the Court of Master Sommeliers Worldwide, a previous Best Sommelier in Asia-Oceania, advisors to the China Sommelier Association – Preparation Committee, and Sommelier Academy plus Masters of Wine and Wine Commentators from some of the most respected publications both in China and around the World. It is these International and Chinese voices of wine authority that will oversee the final selection of China’s finest lists and guarantee their recognition on the world stage.


Today also, the participants in the Awards include representation from virtually all of China’s major International Hotel and Resort Groups, together with many outstanding, prestigious independent stand-alone Restaurants and Clubs.


Great wine lists are not possible without an outstanding commitment  from the Owners, Food & Beverage Directors, Wine Managers, behind those lists. These are those dedicated individuals / organisations who recognise the needs of their ever more discerning consumer customers – in the quality of the wine served and the way it is served. This is a need they wish to satisfy and they also recognise the opportunity to gain an edge over their competition with a celebrated great Wine List – on top of their already outstanding Food and Service offer.

In recognition of the vital role they play in committing to and investing in the very best Wine Lists – and the Wine Team and the Cellars behind them, a new Award has been announced – “China’s Outstanding Owner, F&B Director or Wine Manager” Award. This Award will be won by the nominated – Owner or F&B Director or Wine Manager, responsible for the two winning lists from – Mainland China and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.


China’s Wine List of the Year Awards honour greater China’s exceptional sommeliers, who with professional acumen, dedication and talent have created truly remarkable wine lists. These awards inspire wine service professionals to improve their knowledge and standards, thus raising the bar on the level of service that all sommeliers provide to their ever-more discerning consumers.

To recognise and reward their wonderful contribution, China’s Wine List of the Year Awards has an award each year – China’s Outstanding Sommelier of the Year – for the Sommelier responsible for the winning List – Mainland China and HK, Macau and Taiwan.


Ultimately the customers also develop a greater enjoyment and appreciation of wine and the dining experience and China’s food, beverage and hospitality industries benefit as a whole.  In addition, today tourism is one of China’s fastest growing and most important industries and the future growth of both the tourism and the hospitality industries can be significantly influenced by the calibre and individuality of greater China’s dining establishments. Distinctive and quality wine lists can play a large role in helping to achieve this.


Given the significant size of greater China, the Awards are built around seven 7 Regions each with their own ultimate Winning List, and each with their own judges and administration.

The 7 Regions that make up ‘Greater China’  in these Awards are as follows –

  • Eastern China –Shanghai and the provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan.
  • Northern China – Beijing, Tianjin and the provinces of Heilong jiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Shandong.
  • Southern China – The provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan.
  • Western China –Chongqing + provinces of Guizhou, Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet, Xinjiang.
  • Hong Kong – HongKong and its special administrative region.
  • Macau – The island of Macau and its special administrative region.
  • Taiwan – The island of Taiwan including Taipei.


The awards:

  • Give recognition for the resources, skill and investment that goes into creating and maintaining quality lists for China’s on-premise venues
  • Promote the growth of premium beverage representation and consumption
  • Inspire service professionals to improve their standards and knowledge
  • Raise the bar on the level of service and knowledge that Chinese sommeliers provide, creating a greater food and wine experience for the consumer
  • Have been influential in raising the public’s interest in fine wine generally, and improved their appreciation of participating establishments

The awards have been invaluable in recognising and rewarding the nation’s finest wine lists whilst building rapport and brand loyalty between supporting producers, wineries, importers, and distributors, their on-trade marketplace and premium consumers. They have also helped dedicated sommeliers build their reputations and gain the respect and trust of the country’s best and most awarded wine professionals, wine and wine service judges, media, stakeholders, and their discerning consumers.


The Wine List of the Year Awards were established by Tucker Seabrook (Est. 1838). In 1994, the Wine List of the Year Awards were launched and are now amongst the most prestigious award programmes for wine lists in the world. In 2012, China’s Wine List of the Year Awards were launched by the founders – Wine List of the Year Awards founders Tucker Seabrook and Rob Hirst, and the Asia Wine Institute’s Tommy Lam, at the 2012 China National Sommelier Competition in Shanghai.

2013 was the inaugural year of China’s Wine List of the Year Awards – to find the best wine lists in greater China – China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and the competition was an outstanding success with recognition going to some extraordinary lists from right across greater China. Also, in 2013, a Joint Venture partnership was announced between the International Wine List of the Year Awards organisation and leading Chinese Wine Web-Media organisation – Vinehoo.com, to help run China’s Wine List of the Year Awards in greater China from 2014.

2014 saw more than a doubling of Entrants in the Awards and also in Glass Award winners in this, only the second year of the Awards, with the final list of Award Winners reading like a Who’s Who of fine ‘wining and dining’ across Greater China.

2015 was another extraordinary year of growth for the Awards seeing the number of Glass winners in this year’s greater China’s Wine List of the Year Awards increase by 52% in total on 2014, with the number of 3 Glass Awards – the highest level possible, up by an outstanding 58%!

2016 was yet another record year for greater China’s Wine List of the Year Awards with again a record number of entrants in the Awards and a record also in the number of Glasses awarded – to quote from the two 2016 Co-Chairmen –

“In just four short years, China’s Wine List of the Year has saluted the great wine lists of the country and encouraged many restaurateurs and sommeliers to refine, recast and re-present their wine lists so that they, too, can become part of the cavalcade. Co-Chairman Peter Forrestal

“The 2016 competition highlights the quality and wide variety of wines available to today’s customers. Considerable research, thought and effort have been applied to produce well presented, balanced and inviting lists. A considerable strength is evident in lists which provide for the emerging clientele, as well as for established connoisseurs. The range of wines by the glass and the increasing awareness of the quality of, and interest in, Chinese wines is evidence of the maturing nature of the Industry. All finalists are to be congratulated for their outstanding achievement.” Co-Chairman Brian Julyan MS

The big winners again in 2017 with China’s Wine List of the Year Awards were greater China’s Hospitality and Tourism Industries and China’s discerning Consumer across the entire country. Every year the standard of the Lists representing those industries and available to those consumers continues to rise. By 2017 the average Glass score awarded across greater China is a record 1.6 Glasses per entry with 2 and 3 Glass winners now account for almost 50% of all entries!

To quote from the two 2017 Co-Chairmen – “China is one of the world’s most important fine wine markets now and the improvements made in recent years in the quality and presentation of wine lists will help it cement its position on the world stage.” Co-Chairman Peter Forrestal

“The excellent progress of the Sommelier scene in China is evidenced by the continued development of the wine lists shown in this year’s competition. The restaurants, styles of cuisine and market position are being well matched with ably suitable wine options, both in the main sections of the lists as well as in the WBTG programmes. Co-Chairman Brian Julyan MS

In 2018, PINOR, founded in 2013 and today regarded as one of China’s leading wine web Media organizations and one of the most professional and rigorous, was invited to join the China Wine List of the Year Awards team as a strategic partner.

By the end of 2018 there were 1100 catering organizations nationwide participating in China’s Wine List of the Year Awards, covering Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and over 60 provinces and municipalities across China. Glass winners accounted for 20%, of which three Glass Awards accounted for 5% of the total catering institutions. There were 60 three Glass Awards, 77 two Glass Awards and 79 Recommended Awards in the 2008 China Wine List of the Year Awards – with ‘Best Wines by the Glass’ the most popular Award in the competition.

2019 Winners

The highly anticipated results of the 2019 China’s Wine List of the Year Awards were announced on 22nd October 2019, to an audience of greater China’s leading sommeliers, VIP’s, Award Partners and Supporters, Wine judges from around the world, government representatives and media with a live broadcast of the Award Results that was visited by 10.4 Million visitors! Café Gray Deluxe (Shanghai) won the Mainland China Major Award and SW Steakhouse (Macau) was named China’s Wine List of the Year from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

19 Jun 2020

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2020 China's Wine List Of The Year Awards are now open!

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22 Oct 2019

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2019 China's Wine List of the Year Winners Announced!

Download release here  And the winners are……. China’s Wine List of the Year 2019 – Mainland China CAFÉ GRAY DELUXE – The Middle House, Shanghai AND As custodians of this winning list, the following Awards were also announced – China’s ‘Outstanding Sommelier’ of the Year 2019 – Mainland China FeiFei Liu China’s Outstanding F&B Director/Manager/Owner […]

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2019 China’s Wine List Of The Year Awards Now Open To Find Greater China’s Best!

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2018 China's Wine List of the Year Winners Announced!

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