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2017 China's Wine List of the Year Winners Announced!

04 Jun 2017

SHANGHAI: Tonight, Sunday June 4th , the highly anticipated results of the 2017 China’s Wine List of the Year Awards – Mainland China and also Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan were announced to an audience of greater China’s leading sommeliers, VIP’s, Award Partners and Supporters, Wine judges from around the world, government representatives and media.


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2022 China’s Wine List of the Year Winners Announced!

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 And the winners are ……. 

*China’s Wine List of the Year 2017 – Mainland China 

The House of Roosevelt – Shanghai 

As custodian of this winning list, the Award for 

China’s ‘Outstanding Sommelier’ of the Year 2017 – Mainland China goes to 

King Wang 

“The House of Roosevelt is so carefully curated that it impresses for much more than its extensive size. The sparkling wines, for example, offer a wonderful range of Champagnes from the luxury marques to some exciting growers labels; premium regions like Franciacorta and the Napa, with the addition of the less-well-known bubblies of countries such as Germany and Chile. The scene is set with the Sommelier’s Recommendations – a mouth-watering collection of some of the less-readily available classic wines of the world balanced by cutting-edge producers from all corners of the vinous globe. This is a classy list prepared and presented by staff who obviously care deeply about the wines they offer their customers” – Co-Chairman Peter Forrestal 

 *China’s Wine List of the Year 2017 – Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan 

Yan Toh Heen – Hong Kong 

As custodian of this winning list, the Award for 

China’s ‘Outstanding Sommelier’ 2017 – Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan goes to 

Andy Au 

“It’s the clever choices that the Sommelier makes; the neat balance that he achieves in offering many of the world’s finest wines alongside those which will intrigue wine lovers that sets the list at Yan Toh Heen apart. The restaurant at the Hong Kong Intercontinental offers depth in its listing of classic wines from around the world. Its modestly-priced by the glass collection tantalises with emerging favourites from the nooks and crannies of the globe. For those looking to celebrate a special occasion or to treat themselves, the list showcases its Ultimate Selections: outstanding vintages of spectacular wines. Sheer class!” Co-Chairman Peter Forrestal. 

The big winners again in 2017 with China’s Wine List of the Year Awards are greater China’s Hospitality and Tourism Industries and China’s discerning Consumer across the entire country. 

Every year the standard of the Lists representing those industries and available to those consumers continues to rise with the average Glass score awarded across greater China in 2017 now at a record 1.6 Glasses per entry! 2 Glass winners rose by 7% to a record 29.6% of entries and together with 3 Glass winners these two outstanding Glass levels now account for almost 50% of all entries! The 36% of entrants that achieved the very good 1 Glass level underpins the overall standard of the lists across all of China ensuring that this standard continues to grow – 86% of entries are now earning and winning an Award! 

Again in 2017 the most popular categories entered by applicants were – Best by the Glass Wine List, followed by Best Food and Wine Matching Wine List. These two were followed closely by Best Champagne List and Best Sparkling Wine List, and Best Listing of One Country’s Wines – which reflects a growing interest in Country / Region specialisation, and also Best Listing of Chinese Wines – a very healthy trend for China’s growing domestic wine industry! 

Interesting also in 2017 is the doubling of Club Wine List entries and International Airline Wine List entries – great for the discerning tourist, and also the record growth in entries from outlets with under 100 wines on their Wine List – the Best Medium Wine List Category, with judges recognising that it is perhaps harder to create a good small list than it is to create a good large list. 

Quote from 2017 Co-Chairman Peter Forrestal ……………………………… 

“Once again, China’s Wine List of the Year has enabled restaurateurs and sommeliers to showcase the country’s finest lists. In its fifth year, the judges have rewarded those wine lists which have been most carefully curated: looking for the depth and breadth of the sommelier’s selections, the balance in the ever-evolving collections of wine, as well as rewarding the finesse with which the lists are presented to the restaurant’s clientele. The resurgence in the Shanghai scene which we saw last year, continues apace with Hong Kong showing similar energy and attention to detail in offering the finest of the world’s wines with flair and panache. Those two cities have dominated the plethora of awards presented as part of China’s Wine List of the Year. The judges have noted significant advances in the presentation of wines by the glass and the care taken with small lists as well as with the quality of the lists overall. They believe that there is now more attention given to the local wines than previously – and yet would encourage even greater listing of Chinese wines. 

China is one of the world’s most important fine wine markets and the improvements made in recent years in the quality and presentation of wine lists will help it cement its position on the world stage.” 

Quote from 2017 Co-Chairman Brian Julyan MS……………………………….. 

“The excellent progress of the Sommelier scene in China is evidenced by the continued development of the wine lists shown in this year’s competition. The restaurants, styles of cuisine and market position are being well matched with ably suitable wine options, both in the main sections of the lists as well as in the WBTG programmes. The customers who are looking for a wine experience rather than a perfect food and wine match will also be attracted to the excellent range of alternative wines which are being offered. Chinese wines are becoming an integral part of most lists, reflecting the recognition they are now receiving and one can see the opportunity being taken of widening these choices in the WBTG lists. As in past years, the differing establishments offer a range of selections which illustrate the attention to detail, knowledge of vintages and a clear enthusiasm for this wonderful product.” 


China’s Wine List of the Year – Mainland China The House of Roosevelt – Shanghai 

China’s ‘Outstanding Sommelier’ – Mainland China – King Wang 

China’s Wine List of the Year– Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan – Yan Toh Heen – Hong Kong 

China’s ‘Outstanding Sommelier’ – Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan – Andy Au 


  • House of Roosevelt (Shanghai) 
  • Jade on 36 (Shanghai) 
  • Jing at the Peninsula (Beijing) 
  • Oyster & Wine Bar (Hong Kong) 
  • Rech by Alain Ducasse (Hong Kong) 
  • Yan Toh Heen (Hong Kong) 


  • Hakkasan – Shanghai (2016) 
  • Aux Beaux Arts – Macau (2016) 
  • Franck – Shanghai (2015) 
  • Restaurant Petrus, Island Shangri-La – Hong Kong (2015) 
  • Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen – Shanghai (2014) 
  • L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – Hong Kong (2014) 
  • Robuchon au Dôme, Grand Lisboa Hotel – Macau (2013) 

BEST WINE LIST – EASTERN CHINA – sponsored by Champagne Besserat de Bellefon 

  • The House of Roosevelt (Shanghai) 

BEST WINE LIST – NORTHERN CHINA – sponsored by New Zealand Wine 

  • Jing at the Peninsula (Beijing) 

BEST WINE LIST – SOUTHERN CHINA – sponsored by Rioja 

  • Duke’s (Guangdong) 

BEST WINE LIST – WESTERN CHINA – sponsored by Wine Australia 

  • Tivano (Chengdu) 


  •  Yan Toh Heen (Hong Kong) 

BEST WINE LIST – MACAU SRA – sponsored by Nongfu Spring 

  • Don Alfonso 1890 (Macau) 


  • Bencotto (Taipei) 


  • The House of Roosevelt (Shanghai) 


  • Yan Toh Heen (Hong Kong) 

BEST CLUB WINE LIST – sponsored by Henkell 

  • The Capital (Shanghai) 

BEST WINE BAR LIST – sponsored by Roupa Wine Glass 

  • Vinotheque (Hong Kong) 

BEST NEW WINE LIST – opened in last year – sponsored by Wine Australia 

  • Jing at the Peninsula (Shanghai) 

BEST SMALL WINE LIST – 50 wines maximum– sponsored by Vintae 

  • The Apron (Macau) 

BEST MEDIUM WINE LIST – 100 wines maximum 

  •  121 BC (Hong Kong) 


  • The Grand Buffet (Hong Kong) 

BEST FOOD & WINE MATCHING – sponsored by Rioja 

  • Jade on 36 (Shanghai) 

BEST CHAMPAGNE LIST – sponsored by Champagne Besserat de Bellefon 

  • Oyster & Wine Bar (Hong Kong)

BEST SPARKLING WINE LIST – sponsored by Henkell 

  • 8½ Otto e Mezzo (Hong Kong) 

BEST LISTING OF CHINESE WINES – sponsored by Pagoda Brand 

  • Made in China (Beijing) 

BEST LISTING OF CHINESE RICE WINES – sponsored by Pagoda Brand 

  • Yan Toh Heen (Hong Kong) 

BEST LISTING OF AUSTRALIAN WINES – sponsored by Wine Australia 

  • Jade on 36 (Shanghai) 

BEST LISTING OF NEW ZEALAND WINES – sponsored by New Zealand Wine 

  • Aux Beaux Arts (Macau) 


  • Chillax Spanish (Wenzhou) 


  • 8½ Otto e Mezzo (Shanghai) 

BEST APERITIF LIST – sponsored by New Zealand Wine 

  • Hakkasan (Shanghai) 

BEST DIGESTIF LIST – sponsored by Disznoko 

  • Gusto (Tianjin) 

BEST BEER LIST – sponsored by New Zealand Wine 

  • Beba (Shanghai) 


  • Made in China (Beijing) 


  • Singapore Airlines First Class 

BEST HOTEL GROUP WINE LIST – sponsored by Nongfu Spring 


Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group


Peninsula Group 

Four Seasons Hotel Group 

BEST ‘Wines by the Glass’ LIST in a HOTEL GROUP 


Kerry Hotels 


Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group 

Peninsula Group 



8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana Chain 


Robuchon Group 

Landry’s Restaurant Group 

Henkes / Mr Willis Group 




TRADE ENQUIRIES –PLEASE CONTACT: for English enquiries for Chinese enquiries 

MEDIA ENQUIRIES –PLEASE CONTACT: for English enquiries for Chinese enquiries 


On behalf of the Tourism and Hospitality Industries across greater China and discerning 

consumers everywhere our sincere thanks to our Partners and Sponsors below who have 

made these Awards possible 


       Mainland China:  The House of Roosevelt – Shanghai 

The House of Roosevelt has an extensive wine list which impresses for a great deal more than its size. The Sommelier’s Recommendations offer an adventurous listing covering a wide range of both white and red varietals from all corners of the globe. The bubblies surprise by including lesser-known Champagne producers and regions such as Franciacorta and the Napa. The world-wide coverage of sparklings includes examples from Chile and Germany. There’s depth, too, in the Champagne listing and, for example, in the coverage of Australian whites where modestly-priced commercial wines sit alongside some of the country’s finest: Grosset ‘Polish Hill’, Penfolds ‘Yattarna’, By Farr, Leeuwin Estate ‘Art Series’. There’s the expected listings from New Zealand and South Africa along with the less-obvious wines of Canada. The volume is turned up when it comes to the depth of the French selection. Italy also delights yet with the rest of Europe comes Switzerland and Greece. Something different!

China is well-represented with its reds as a prelude to even larger collections from other parts of the world than the whites. Australian shiraz, New Zealand pinots, reds from Argentina, Chile and Brazil, and Napa cabernet. The range and depth of Bordeaux reds is remarkable, from modestly-priced to expensive: finishing with some mouth-watering verticals of the First Growths. Burgundy is given similar treatment while the Rhone Valley, although less numerous, is a formidable presence. Italy and Spain receive specialist treatment with more depth than found in most restaurants.

The staff at The House of Roosevelt know and appreciate wine and this shows with the care they take in selecting a list which will inevitably enhance the experience of dining there.” Co-Chairman of Judges, Peter Forrestal. 

   Hong Kong – Macau – Taiwan:  Yan Toh Heen – Hong Kong

“The Intercontinental in Hong Kong is home to this outstanding list. While it is a large list, and so can boast depth in its most important section, what impresses most is the thoughtful way the list is curated rather than its size. For evidence of this, look no further than its wines by the glass. There are 20 wines with each chosen to impress. Alongside some more predictable choices, there is a Belle Epoque champagne, a shiraz from Thailand, a Chateau Musar from the Lebanon and a Cloudy Bay Pinot. The Champagne collection itself is impeccably chosen.

The four wines featured from China show the local industry in the best possible light. So, too, is the selection of Chinese rice wines with its sampler tasting so that those interested can compare three very different rice wines. The choice of Australian chardonnays, for example, is extraordinarily strong. The Ultimate Selection sets aside 150 of the most prized, most expensive wines on the list. The choice is aspirational, what any serious wine lover would dream about: some of the world’s rarest and finest wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Napa with just a couple from Italy, Spain and Australia. But the fact that they are in a section apart adds strength to the list and emphasises that, for most of us this is of another world. The carefully manicured world of Yan Toh Heen will give great satisfaction to its clientele.” Co-Chairman of Judges, Peter Forrestal

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