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31 Jan 2017

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The Judging Process

There are two panels of Judges – the Judging Panel and the International Supreme Panel and both these panels are made up of a specially selected group of experts from China and around the world.

Impartiality is a key consideration in the judging process. To ensure this, no Judge on the Judging Panel can judge Lists from where they live, and nor can they judge the same list two years in a row. The Judging Panel has the responsibility to judge every single list and determine the finalists. Should a conflict ever arise with any outlets being judged then the effected Judge abstains from judging that round.

The Judging Panel selects the finalists from each Region and Award Category, which are then submitted for final selection by the combined Judging Panel and International Supreme Panel.

Each establishment across China will be given a rating. The best will receive either one glass (Recommended), two glasses (Outstanding) or three glasses (Excellent).

Regional winners will be those establishments scoring highest points in each region, regardless of the Category in which they enter.

Each of the Categories will have a national winner. This will be awarded to the establishment scoring the highest points. There will be a final round of judging for the highest scoring wine lists, to decide the two China’s Wine Lists of the Year, where the Judging Panel will be joined by a group of Chinese and International judges to add an extra layer of impartiality to the final judging.

Establishments can only win China’s Wine List of the Year Award once, but they are still eligible to win their Regional and Category Awards three times. Once they achieve these outstanding milestones they will automatically be recognised and listed every year in the China’s Wine List of the Year Awards Hall of Fame provided they enter the Awards each year and maintain their high standard.

To retain Glass Ratings all restaurants must enter each year.

Each eligible establishment is given a rating as follows:

  •  Three glasses (outstanding)
  • Two glasses (excellent)
  • One glass (recommended)

What are the Judges looking for?


  • Quality is key to choice of wines
  • Having an original & innovative choice, with some mature wines from good vintages, avoiding poor vintages
  • Carefully matching varieties and regions
  • Having an appropriate variety of wines by the glass
  • Adequate list of aperitifs, beers, spirits, liqueurs and waters/non-alcoholic


  • Balance of pricing relevant to your establishment
  • Domestic & imported wines, regions and wine styles


  • To cuisine, style and image of establishment


  • Includes vintages
  • Accurate and consistent presentation of information
  • Clear design for easy navigation


  • Appropriateness, value


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