Specialist Category Awards 2021

Here are the winning wine lists around the country selected by our judges for the skill and creativity of restaurateurs, managers and sommeliers in sourcing and curating both wines and other beverages in lists large and small. See the winners for categories including wines by the glass, champagne list, Chinese wines list, Chinese rice wines, Chinese spirits, sake list, beer list, aperitifs, digestifs, food & wine matching and more.


Best New List


  • Cuisine: Fusion
  • Sommelier: Yonex Zhang
  • Number of Wines: 700
  • Wines by the Glass: 25

Best Small/Medium List (max. 100 wines)

Lobster Grill

  • Cuisine: Brasserie
  • Sommelier: Michael Chen, Cherish Ho
  • Number of Wines: 95
  • Wines by the Glass: 60

Best Champagne List

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

  • Cuisine: French
  • Sommelier: Felix Ho
  • Number of Wines: 3400
  • Wines by the Glass: 25

Best Wines By The Glass List

Lobster Grill

  • Cuisine: Brasserie
  • Sommelier: Michael Chen, Cherish Ho
  • Number of Wines: 95
  • Wines by the Glass: 60

Best Food & Wine Matching List

Oyster Talks

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Sommelier: Felix Xie
  • Number of Wines: 259
  • Wines by the Glass: 6

Best Listing of Chinese Wines


  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Sommelier: Liyun Ma
  • Number of Wines: 353
  • Wines by the Glass: 12
  • 2nd Floor, The Grand Summit, Section B, Liangmaqiao Dipolomatic Mansion, No. 19, Dongfang East Road, Chaoyang District
  • 85325068
  • Visit Website

Best Listing of Chinese Spirits

Xin Rong Ji Xinyuan South Road

  • Cuisine: Taizhou
  • Sommelier: Meiyu Li, Daniel Yang
  • Number of Wines: 380
  • Wines by the Glass: 11

Best Listing of French Wines


  • Cuisine: French
  • Sommelier: Terence Wong & Cherish Ho
  • Number of Wines: 1800
  • Wines by the Glass: 45

Best Sake List

SW Steakhouse

  • Cuisine: American Steakhouse
  • Sommelier: Elise Ngan
  • Number of Wines: 980
  • Wines by the Glass: 31

Best Aperitif List

Jing Bar

  • Cuisine: Bar
  • Sommelier: Cederic Yao, William Zhang
  • Number of Wines: 186
  • Wines by the Glass: 13

Best Digestif List


  • Cuisine: Modern Chinese
  • Sommelier: Felix Zhang, James Wang, Ekko Chen, Nyx Pan, Matthew Hall
  • Number of Wines: 370
  • Wines by the Glass: 22

Best Beer List

Poetry Wine Solana

  • Cuisine: New Beijing
  • Sommelier: Sulong
  • Number of Wines: 48
  • Wines by the Glass: 5

Best Chinese Restaurant Wine List

Sheng Yong Xing

  • Cuisine: Jing-Lu Style
  • Sommelier: Arneis Wu
  • Number of Wines: 236
  • Wines by the Glass: 11

Best Airlines Wine List

Xiamen Airline

  • Cuisine: Chinese and Western style
  • Sommelier: Xiaona Liu

Best Luxury Fine Wine Cellar List

Robuchon au Dome

  • Cuisine: French Contemporary
  • Sommelier: Paul Lo
  • Number of Wines: 17900
  • Wines by the Glass: 23

Changyu Pioneer Wine Company

Founded in 1892, Changyu is the fourth largest wine company in the world. Its products are sold in more than 70 countries.


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